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Sparsh Foundation: Touching Lives with Compassion and Action

Sparsh Foundation, more than just a name, embodies the essence of gentle touch and profound impact. Established in 2014 with the unwavering determination to make a difference, we are a non-profit organization driven by a passionate belief in collective responsibility towards society. Sparsh foundation is a huge umbrella under which we intent to carry out various social activities for the betterment of mankind.

Since our inception, we have touched countless lives through various initiatives. From supporting women's health and wellness to raising awareness about critical diseases, we are committed to creating a positive ripple effect in society.

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We invite you to join us on this journey of creating a better tomorrow.

Be the change you wish to see.

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Whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness, your involvement can turn dreams into reality for those in need.

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Journey of Compassion

See the Positive Impact We've Made Together.

Key Milestones and Achievements

Rubella Vaccine

31000 +


25000 +

Kidney Transplant

10 +

Fund Raised

3 Cr.

Women Cancer Screening

5000 +

Awareness Meetings

60 +

Socail Media Viewers

60 Million

Teeanage Addressed

2.5 L


Your Attention Is Changed The Part Of World.Give a helping hand to those who need it!

Supporting Treatments for
Dialysis & Kidney Transplants

Providing essential care for kidney patients through dialysis and transplant support.

Align Mind ~ Body ~ Soul
Healing Circles

Fostering holistic well-being through our healing circles.

Cancer Screening &
Supporting Cancer Treatment

Ensuring early detection and comprehensive support for cancer patients.

Imparting Health Education

Empowering communities with crucial health education.

Promoting Art, Literature
& Music

Enriching lives through the promotion of art, literature, and music.

Music for Therapy,
Music as Therapy

Harnessing the power of music for therapeutic healing.

Preventive Healthcare
& Vaccination Drives

Leading the charge in preventive healthcare and vaccination initiatives.

Spreading Colours
of Joy & Happiness

Bringing joy and happiness to communities through vibrant initiatives.

Celebrating Girl Child &
Empowering Women

Championing the celebration of the girl child and the empowerment of women.


Your Attention Is Changed The Part Of World.Give a helping hand to those who need it!

12 Jun 19
Kidney Failure : Mukesh  Mehta

Kidney Failure : Mukesh Mehta

Faith and Generosity Healed Mukesh Mehta

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20 Aug 18
Dialysis : Mangesh Kamble

Dialysis : Mangesh Kamble

From Dialysis to Triumph: Mangesh Kamble

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10 Jan 17
Kidney Transplant : Dilip Katara

Kidney Transplant : Dilip Katara

Kidney Transplant

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