Sa-re-ga-ma the Sarvar

Music is a universal language that everyone understands.

Since the year 1998, under the banner of Satsang parivar Mrs Namrata Ronak Shodhan has been conducting classes for Bhakti Sangeet. She does not take any tuition fees but urges each student to support at least one dialysis of a poor kidney failure patient annually. We have about 45 audio CDs in her voice till date. All the money collected by the distribution of CDs after removing the making cost is used for the dialysis of poor kidney failure patients. The CD’s are also available in Gift packs of 1,2,4,6,8 Cds, designed for various occasions and can be customized for individuals or companies with name and Logo. The Cd’s have been given to many patients as gifts by Dr Darshna Thakker and she says that it works as an excellent adjuvant therapy. She also keeps Namrataben’s Music Cds on during surgeries in her Operation theater and it has been working wonderfully for them. Thus this devotional music is said to be, “Music for therapy, Music as Therapy”. Many people wanted to have music been played at their workplace, thus special instrumental music CDs were designed which are suitable for playing passively at workplace.

This mission “Sa,re,ga,ma, the sarvar has benefited many poor patients for their dialysis and it has been instrumental in healing many patients.