Explain Logo

Demystifying the logo

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We wanted the logo to be very simple but at the same time self explanatory, something that would easily take our message forward.

Elements used

Butterfly: The flight of the butterfly both light and short, it’s a happy flight! Like a butterfly which moves from one flower to another, we at Sparsh Foundation envision to have the same flight contributing whatever we can for various projects irrespective of caste, creed, religion or geographical location. We are looking forward to transmitting happiness and transcending human emotions though our activities. We hope that with more and more people joining hands, with ripple effect we will have a bunch of butterflies creating a rainbow of various colors in the happy skies of mankind.

Musical Note: Today when we lay the first stone of Sparsh foundation we have replaced the “d” from “foundation” with a musical note as the activities carried on by satsang parivar are the most important building blocks to this charitable trust. Since 1998, Mrs Namrata Ronak Shodhan and Satsang Parivar have taken the initiative of making a difference by using “Music” as a therapy and contributing for the poor kidney failure patients undergoing dialysis. So the musical note stands for the divine tunes and “Sa-re-ga-ma” the sarvar.


Color Scheme used

Pink and Black