About us

About Sparsh Foundation

Sparsh Foundation was registered as a charitable trust in the year 2015, but the activities have been running for over two decades now as individual nameless efforts to serve the society.

Sparsh Foundation is a huge umbrella under which we intent to carry out various social activities for the betterment of mankind. It is an extension to the Mission of touching lives and making a difference which has been going on since many years. Mrs Namrata Ronak Shodhan started singing when she was very young. Since the year 1998 she has been singing and teaching bhakti sangeet to other women. We have about 45 Cd’s in her voice and all the amount collect (except for the making cost ) is donated for the dialysis of poor kidney failure patients.Dr Darshna Thakker is a practicing gynecologist and runs her own hospital. She is a dynamic personality and has been philanthropically carrying out various activities related to women health and wellness.

Under Sparsh foundation we want to streamline all the good causes that we have initiated and raise support for the same. We do not believe in words but in making it possible by collective efforts.


Our work is driven by a passionate belief that we all have a responsibility and ability to serve the society by means of time, money, effort, energy and the will to touch lives and make a difference.


We at Sparsh Foundation envision to be instrumental as an organization which will touch human lives by educating, sensitizing and healing mind, body and soul.


The objectives at Sparsh are clear, we do not want to pity on anyone; nor do we believe in fancy words and proverbs, we work in clarity and transparency and all we believe in is Action that speaks. We want to create a healthy and happy society by educating, empowering and creating awareness amongst masses.